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Show me yo' moves!  


Hey I'm ______, I'm 11 years old and I love having fun, harry potter, figure skating, chocolate, reading, dancing, laughing, and blah blah blah all that jazz!

People I <3 on WItty:
and yeah.... that's pretty much it!

My best friend is Jessica (MoveForward)




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Quotes by TheCheeseIsRipe


So one day in social studies, we were learning about the founding of Rome, and we read the story of Romulus and Remus. After the teacher told us to write down the definitions of Romulus and Remus, she asked me what I wrote for Remus. I told the class, " A friendly werewolf who is one of the best Defense against the Dark Arts teachers"

Nobody got it. 


Fave this if you are NOT a fan of One Direction.

I don't mean ANY offence to you One DIrectioners, but just curious to see how many people aren't crazy about them.

When I get on the computer:

Check my email
Check my Youtube inbox
Check my Stardoll
Check my witty
Check my facebook

THEN I can do what i want.

i'm supposed to be

  doing homework, 

So, obviously, I'm on WITTY. 

I want a Wuggle Pet. Like really bad.

Not to brag, but
it's the middle of winter, so naturally it's snowing in some states.
But here in golden California, WAY on the west coast, we have a heat wave. I mean, the nights are so warm I leave my window wide open and sleep with shorts and I still wake up sweating. At school I'm about to melt in a puddle. And so I think, "Yeah, this is plain old Californian weather, it's like this all year." But then I remember it's the start of January. So, I'd just like to finish this with a


*seeing a cute puppy*
  "Awwww, it's so cute <3"

5 seconds later....

"Owww! The little brat bit me!"
Here I am, sitting in my

parents bed, ten feet away

 from the world's smallest

trash can. I spit out a

single piece of Bazooka

gum, aim carefully, and

make it perfectly into the

 can. Am I a boss or what?


Yes, I do use my hairbrush as a

microphone and dance around in my

underwear, thank you very much.


You  said  we  would

be  together  forever. . 

But forever is a long time.