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Hey derr (:
Were Sam, Sophia and Caroline. Were three best friends sharing an account here on Witty. We are tighter than a fat kid in skinny jeans and you will always see us together. We have a YouTube account where we love to make videos! We are trying for 100 subscribers so help your Witty sisters out and sub to us, TheCherryChicas! All three of us are single ladies and loving it! But no matter what boys will never come above our friendship. So yeah, this is our Witty account.
Love it or Leave it

TheCherryChicas :)

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this is gunna be a Top Quote

The ultimate jock.

yo mammas so fat
that she needs cheat
 codes for wii fit



If i found a guy
exactly like my best friend
i think i'd be in love


later hater
in a while pedaphile



 right now i am 

   laying on the kitchen floor

cause i have nothing

to eat!!!


Signs That It's Not Going Well #17

You just agreed to meet your new friend from the Internet at the park. His name is Ray Pest.



Signs That It's Not Going Well #16

Lady GaGa thinks you dress weird.



Signs That It's Not Going Well #15

In the club when Single Ladies comes on, your girlfriend puts her hands up.



Signs That It's Not Going Well #14

Snookie is a best selling author.