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Quotes by TheCityIsAtWar

I think its funny to see sixth graders running through the halls because they don't want to be late for class.
And the only things making me unhappy are my own thoughts.
So today in class the teacher was telling us about an upcoming test and this boy was talking. She turned to him and said," What are the chunks of ice that sometimes fall out of the sky?" The boy, obviously confused, told her that they were hail. She then said," Now take the h off of that and make it a f. That is what you are." She then turned back to us and continued speaking. Our class sat there not believing she would do such a thing, while she acted as if it had not happened.
So I know how most people are all like "! I am gonna be late." when their alarm clock doesn't go off. But I am happy when that happens because I get to sleep in and I go into school late.
Sometimes I think I should go out and get exercise but then I think, ehh betta not.
I absolutely hate shopping, unless it is for me.
When I find I song I really like, I listen to it on loop until I don't like it anymore.
I change shapes just to hide in this place but I'm still, I'm still an animal.
I hated the person I used to be , but I hate even more the one I have become.