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Quotes by TheCovertComic

The objectification of women is unfair to women, and even more unfair to objects.
The ultimate letter of resignation is I.
If 'Go to hell' be thought a curse / 'Stay in heaven' – how much worse
I never back down from a challenge.  I never let a challenge get that close.
If you meet my expectations, please ask them to come home.
Sometimes a secret falls into the wrong hands. But most of the time they leap.
Waxing philosophical may be tiresome, but it leaves your philosophy smooth and hair-free for up to six full weeks.
When breathing in life and breathing out poetry, remember that 80% of halitosis comes from the tongue.
To state some depressing fact, and then follow with '... but there's a downside,' is cheap, unoriginal hack comedy. ... But there's a downside.
'Whatever doesn't kill me' is the null set.