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Quotes by TheCovertComic

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.  So as long as you're not afraid of feeling absolutely terrified, you should be just fine.
In the Southern Hemisphere, zippers close downward.
To ride a tiger is easy if you're a flea. 
Data n.  Acronym for digital asymmetric threat agent.
You can't make this stuff up.  Making this stuff up is a violation of Title 18, Section 1001 of US federal law.
I strongly support creation of the United States Space Force, and I am prepared to nominate several officials for immediate deployment.
A mnemonic verse to help one remember not to commit genocide:

Only a creep'll
Annihilate a people

The bean counts the bean counters.
The thought of machines becoming self-aware is frightening – because it means I might have to become self-aware too.
In a leap year, 96 additional people get their 15 minutes of fame.
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