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Quotes by TheCovertComic

Aphorisms are like lingerie: revealing in their brevity, plus people get uncomfortable when I show them mine.
I don't mind people marching to the beat of a different drummer, so long as that drummer plays standard march tempo of 120 BPM.
Oh what the heck, the enemy of my enemy is my enemy too. 
The true measure of your character is what you would do if you knew you couldn't be found out. 

The true measure of your ability is the degree to which you make this scenario happen.
That incident response known as life.
The term 'minimalism' is too long.
Cancel culture?  No – but maybe move it to a Friday evening time slot.
Sometimes love isn't enough.  The rest of the time it's overkill.
I wouldn’t object to being conscious during brain surgery, as long as someone told me where to cut.
Sitcoms have a laugh track because they must not have a cry track. 
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