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Quotes by TheCovertComic

How am I?  According to cosmic inflation theory, as a result of the exponential expansion of space that occurred 10-36 seconds following the Big Bang.
Irony has been replaced by titaniumy.
'Threat management' is a redundancy.
If high heels are so wonderful, why do only 37% of men wear them?
It's said that horror is the removal of masks.  But wearing a mask – with that plastic smell and the rubber band slipping all the time – isn't much fun either.
Warning: consequences of consequence management may not be manageable.
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.  So as long as you're not afraid of feeling absolutely terrified, you should be just fine.
In the Southern Hemisphere, zippers close downward.
To ride a tiger is easy if you're a flea. 
Data n.  Acronym for digital asymmetric threat agent.
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