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All directed energy is a weapon.
"The brain is the most important organ"
-the brain
Gird one's loins phr.  To prepare oneself for a challenging task (for example, the task of girding one's loins).

Dear Haters I couldn't help but notice that 'Awsome' ends with 'ME' and 'Ugly' starts with 'U'
If I'm so special, why am I a secret?
wine > attention from boys
It’s pretty sad you can’t even go to a car wash without being sexually harassed by a random man. I’m cleaning out my car and a guy pulls up and says “are you married?” I answered no.. and this man says “keep doin what you’re doin then hun, I’ll watch you”. I said “excuse me? I am happily in a relationship though and you can leave now”. So he smirks and pulls away. HOW SICKENING. This is why females are scared to go out alone, because there are GROWN "men" like this who think saying those things to a female, especially a female they do not know, is okay. It’s not, it’s disgusting and rude. So sick to my stomach. 🤢
This happens.

Pickup line: “May I ask you another question?”