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Helloo there!

My name is Rhiannon , but you can call me Annie.
I'm sixteen & living it up in Canada .
I have another account called WhisperInTheDark .
I decided to make this account for my poems & such ! (:
Music is my life & without it, life wouldn't be the same !
But erm yeah , follow me & I'll follow back!

Quotes by TheDarkenedSoul

She sits in the corner,
Crying herself to sleep.
Wrapped around in promises,
No one seems to keep.

Black mascara smudges,
Stain her cheek.
As she whispers to herself,
'Why am I so weak?'

'I HATE MY LIFE' She yells,
As she pulls out a knife.
'I should just put an end,
to this miserable life.'

The blade she uses,
glides along her wrist,
drawing pictures,
with dark & mysterious twists.


~ Rhiannon Angus