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    Hey! My name is irrelevant. My age is irrelevant as well.(: Anywho,  I'm quite obsessed with photography. I admit I'm socially awkward, but that's what makes me speacial haha. I fall for people sometimes, but I don't like to admit it, because I'm not sure what love is and I've loved and lost and it hurts so much. I believe things happen for reasons, sometimes we don't know why, but there is always a reason. The only reason I'm alive today is because Jesus died for me to survive.

     Reason for creating my witty;
  I'm here to let you know you're not alone. {and yes, also because this site is just amazing.}
  Everyone is a bit dysfunctional and life 
is just a bit dysfunctional too. So enjoy this weird, crazy, never perfect, reckless, joyful, beautiful, sad, roller coaster, always changing, peaceful, wild life we're all living. This life will be hard, but that's why God gave us simple joys.You have you're own story to write so start now.
Start with your story...
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I spent all year protecting myself from liking a guy, but then he shows up aand messes it all up. Mostly, I just hate how fast I'n falling for him.

I'm a teenage girl just living her life. I'm Christian.  I have begun to write a journal of my life and the things I learn daily on an online journal, it's nice to write down how I feel. 
I'm not perfect, or even close. I make mistakes,but that's okay.  I love who I am even though I have days where I just hate myself.

Every morning I wake up and have to tell myself, while I look it in the mirror, "God made a beautiful thing". I actually think it's starting to help, because I smile more now.

My Story( well part of it);
I've changed a lot in 1 year. I used to be jealous of a lot of girls. I used to put myself down all the time. I actually stopped eating for about two months, except for school, but that food didn't stay in me for long. I used to be so hateful to myself and I'd point out other girl's flaws to myself to try and help my self-esteem. I liturally didn't care about anything, but I was really good at acting like I enjoyed life. Over the summer 2012 I stopped pointing out other's flaws and I started telling myself I was worth something. But I still cared so much about what others thought and what my image was. At the beginning of the school year I thought a lot about everything and Now a year later, even if it's not a physical change to other's yet. I am totally different person. (I'm smiling for some dumb reason right now.) I'm so glad I've changed, because that person I was is not me. 

So here's some stuff about me! If you read it all I love you! :3 c r e d i t

Updated July 24th;
                                                   Do you know what it's like-

to feel broken?
to feel rejected?
to feel unwanted?
to miss someone so much it hurts?
to be scared of happiness?
to lose everything?
do you honestly know what it's like?
to feel like the people you care the most about don't need you?
to be the second choice for everyone and everything?
because I do.
I live it every single day.
And I'm really trying to be okay, but it's hard.

as of today July 24th it's been a full month without burning. (:
I believe in you darling, because you deserve better.
you are worth it.



Quotes by TheDysfunctional

I'm rather confused,
because I remember you telling me
forever and always.

          I don't tell you in person because that's when I'm scared.
          As the tears roll down my face;
          that's when my heart is open and
          I'm completely exposed.

          And that's when they leave. 
          That's when they shoot.
          Those are the times I've been hurt the most.
          I'd rather sit alone drowning in my sorrows.

          So I no longer let them see me cry.
          I no longer let them see me when I'm that weak.
          when I'm vulnerable
          when I'm exposed.



And sometimes
                                                                   life and love
                                               gets hard
                                            i don't know why...

You said you'd be
here for me,
but you

                You say you care,
                    but could you
please act like it?
...i love you...

Why do banks have chains on their pens?
oh no, they stole the pen! How will be afford another?

You're a symphony
a song,
a record that goes on.

You're my sun,
a light,
a star that shines bright.

You're the one,
my love,
an angel from above.

Could it really be,
that you were made for me
and I for you,

Could it really be true?

I just realized on the 'Hot Buns' commercial they yell,
"Don't bust your buns!"