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Our book ---- The begining is a series. we will try and post chapters as soon as possible :)

Hi everyone. We are 3 Female sperms connected to a extra large egg :)  No-one can call us losers because got to the egg first :)
              :D :P :)
please read our stories and feel free to comment and give us critism or praise.
We all have twitter accounts follow us ---- @mariayasmin1998

We go to school,eat,sleep,write,listen to music dream about our celeb crushes and intend to become famous one day :)
writing is just one of our many talents :D
we also sing/rap 
We adore ♥ N-Dubz,Chris Brown,Rhianna,Katy Perry,Justin Bieber + loads more  «
In the past we tried to create a band and we called ourselves MTEE. which failed. we just messed around too much. :D
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