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Quotes by TheGrimGoodbye

Friends: Lets go to parties!
Me: No, im too ugly

A bored person once said... "Anyone wanna talk?:D"
attractive person: i wish i was attracti-
me: get out
I have no more friends D:
I love all my 53 followers :D
 stay wonderful  !^.^
I may flirt with a lot of girls..
      i'm exploring my options...
                 not playing them.
                              There's lot's of wonderful girls out there.
         but only one will have my full attention.
     sorry if i offend you girls and if your opinion is me "Playing" ..
   then don't worry about it... 
                        I'm a flirty person. 
but really at the end of the day...
      I'm lonely.
                      I have yet to find the girl that will change my life.
          but all of the people who actually  make me smile...
thank you. You help more than you imagine.
         All us people want is love and the feeling of being wanted. 
    I need someone to hold at night... to share moments with.
              I've been alone almost all my life.. 
                all i want is to experience the happiness ...
       of course there's fighting involved sometimes.
   that's the price you pay for something so grand.

I feel so lonely all the time D: why can't i just be happy???

                                                     I love to make girls smile


            It's the simplest yet
                       BEAUTIFULEST and EYE CATCHING
                       thing about a girl


                                              i like color :)

                                               I want       

                                               A girl who is WONDERFUL to me  

             and will treat me how I NEED to be treated

                                                        Is that so hard to ask?