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cant wait to hit people and not get yelled at for it in football! :))))


This boy right here, Tom, yeah well... he's kinda amazing. He plays football and baseball, and he's great at them both. He's sweet, funny, smart, strong, tough, protective, and pretty attractive too. ;) He's always there for his friends and family. He'd do anything to protect the people who mean a lot to him. Even when he has something else going on in life he takes time to listen to their problems, which is saying a lot. The Minnesota Vikings are his favorite football team, and the Twins for baseball. He listens to Eminem and Three Days Grace. Cruise by Florida-Georgia Line, too. ;) He's this all around amazing boy. He has this grasp on life and just seem to know what to do all the time. I don't know what I'd do without him. He means so much to me. Those times where I've almost lost him, I regret every second of them. I'm glad they're "almost" and not "did." This boy right here? He's the boy I'm in love with. I love everything about him, from his sarcastic jokes to his laugh to his hugs and how and he holds my hand. His smile makes my day everytime, and he has this one face I can never get out of my head. If he's doing something he loves, he gets this look in his eyes, and you can see the energy in his smile too. He glances down at me with that face and I'm done. I still can't get it out of my head. With any luck, this boys mine forever. I'd like that. ♥ I love you, Tom. F//ck what everyone else says.


Quotes by TheHalfback

is that a mirror in your pocket? because i can see myself in your pants ;)
if you were a fart you'd blow me away
solved all her problems but she says im controlling and that shes not free because i did it...well if i had no problems i know id be free!
forgive me for being difficult but after 25 months of telling you i love you i get worked up when you mention your "friend" semi date.
She dumps me after a year and 4 months to find herself? then four days later wants back in.i say no. so she throws guys in my face "blah blah blah asked me to semi" funny story i asked him he laughed and called you ugly (nice try)
everyone on here is so depressed so ill try to help

you're all amazing people who love strong and feel deeply
forget the last and past and move on to the next and the best

been loving this girl since summer of 2012 <3 love you Gia
starting over three juniors a senior and 2 sophmores as fullback on varsity a squad god i love being talented

man i didnt know how hard running miles could be my friend dared me to do 10 pull ups 30 push ups bench 150 10 times and squat 200 10 times and then do the weighted ball basketball and ill tell you what your legs cramp up after the first 1.5 XD and running the rest is suicidal lol

looking back rereading my old break up quotes and realizing THEY SUM US UP NOW!!!