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I have an obsession with infinity. "Life Goes On." Pizza is great, but running is necessary. If only I were motivated enough to actually move. Scary movies terrify me but I'll watch them anytime. I love cuddling and blankets and juice boxes and pillows and teddy bears. Ice cream is the key to every broken heart. Eyes say everything, and are the best feature on everyone. Hugs make the world go 'round. The Pretty Reckless is amazing, and Mayday Parade, too. I try to act like a bada/s who rocks at everything, fake confidence I suppose, but we all know I'm not very good at anything except being a nerd, and even there I failed this year. Taken ♥


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Okay, so Bishop Grimes Semi Formal is next week. My boyfriend goes to Bishop Grimes. And now I'm going to semi. ♥
I know I'm hard to love. I make it difficult to be proud to call me your girl. He//, I make it hard to say "She's mine,"  without being embarrassed. I know I'm childish, with all my juice boxes, disney movies, and stuffed animals. I know I'm dramatic, making everything into a big ordeal. I know I'm obnoxious, and I know I can be annoying. I know I'm paranoid about everyone leaving me in the end, and I know that I'm insecure about all the wrong things. I know I yell about everything and I'm quick to anger. I know I'm over-emotional and cry everytime we fight. I know I'm a pain in the a//s. I know I'm hard to love, but thank you for doing it anyway.
Today's Agenda:
☑ sleep in
☐ Make ramen noodles

☐ Read
☐ Study

☐ Geometry 

Fun stuff guys, fun stuff

We made plans. What makes you think it's okay to make plans with someone completely different. We already had plans.
I won't lie, I feel pretty betrayed right now...
Tonight's just a sad night I suppose
I used to think I sat the bench because I wasn't good enough. Now I see that I sit the bench because I want to. Of course I don't actually want to sit there, but I don't have that passion anymore. I used to love soccer with everything I had. I loved waking up at 7:30 to go play on a soaking wet field in the pouring rain. I loved the rush of rushing someone, the sounds of the ball flying off peoples cleats. I used to love it. Now? Now it's just not there anymore. I don't love it the way I used to. I don't want it bad enough. And to make it in this world, well, you gotta want it.
I just want someone to tell me why. Why do you like me? Why me? Of all people, me? Not "you're different" or anything. Literally, why? What things make me different? Is it because I'm smart? Brutally honest, or overly nice? Funny? What is it about me that makes me the one? Just tell me why.
If you look at the tags, and click #thehalfback, there's pages upon pages of quotes. There's our story.
When I say I love you, this is what I mean. I mean you're my sunshine. You wake me up in the morning, you keep me running all day, even when the rain is pouring down. You make me smile when no one else can. I mean you're my angel. When those bad thoughts come back, I think of you and you save me again, just like you did when they were more than thoughts. In some ways, you're the only reason I'm here today. You're the only reason I am who I am. You're the reason I'm okay now. I mean you're my stars and sky. Everywhere I look it's you. Everytime I look up at night I wish you were there laying with me staring up into space. Are you looking at the same stars? Are you thinking the same thing? I mean you're the one I'm going to marry, and I don't care what anyone else says. If I lose a friend over that, then they weren't a friend to begin with. You stand with me through everything, no one is worth losing you over. I mean I love you, and I want you to have everything. I want to give you smile, my laughs, my tears, my hugs, my kisses, my body, my feelings, my thoughts, my life. I want you to have it all and then some. If I could, I'd give you the world. I'd knock down anyone who ever made you upset, and I'd give you everything. The sky, the sun, the moon, the flowers, the roads, the hills, the mountains, the oceans. You deserve it all. All the happiness and smiles, the butterflies and blushes, the giggles. When I say I love you, this is what I mean.
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