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I have an obsession with infinity. "Life Goes On." Pizza is great, but running is necessary. If only I were motivated enough to actually move. Scary movies terrify me but I'll watch them anytime. I love cuddling and blankets and juice boxes and pillows and teddy bears. Ice cream is the key to every broken heart. Eyes say everything, and are the best feature on everyone. Hugs make the world go 'round. The Pretty Reckless is amazing, and Mayday Parade, too. I try to act like a bada/s who rocks at everything, fake confidence I suppose, but we all know I'm not very good at anything except being a nerd, and even there I failed this year. Taken ♥


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They made me sit out my last soccer game today, and I couldn't wear my jersey so they made me put it inside and wear an old smelly goalie shirt, AND the coaches on the other team wouldn't let me sit with my team so I was exiled to the corner of the field. I literally cried silently for half the game. We played 8 on 11, lost 7 to 2, had 2 chances to forfeit. No one forfeited. The opposing coach was talking sh/t about me, my team, and my coach. I "broke" some kids wrist last game. He broke it in practice the night before I freaking saw it. I apologized because I'm the bigger person and he didn't even look at me, said "thanks" and laughed. I apologized to the coaches too. One didn't even look at me, and the other shook my hand and said that's all we want. You a/sshole, who the he// do you think you are? Not only that, but his wife started chewing my mom out for saying it was a sh/t call. See, there's 4 rumors flying around about why I got the card. Only 1 is true, and it's probably the least immature one. 1) They think I swore on the field. No, I did not. The other team was. I was told to f*ck myself, actually. So if anyone deserves a card for swearing, it's probably number 11. 2) I pushed a child and broke his wrist. Again, wrong. The previous night in practice the stupid little kid messed up his wrist in goal and kept playing, thinking he was a bada/ss because of it. And I didn't push him. He ran at me, I ran at him, I was bigger. He fell. THREE STEPS AFTER THE COLLISION. So no. 3) I screamed in his face. Half true. I yelled because he stepped on my bad ankle. That son of a b/tch hurt! All I did was "ah!" and the whistle blew. No. Just no. 4) I talked back to the ref. Yes. Because she kicked me out of the game for getting injured basically. So, being the sarcastic sh/t I am, said "Fantastic. Thank you" and half limped, half jogged off the field. We weren't told it was an official card until 8 last night, the night before the game. And I still showed, to support my team. And you, as an adult, as a coach, have the balls and the audacity to talk about a 14 year old girl to your team? Who in God's name do you think you are? You think you have the authority to keep me away from my team's half of the field just because you're on the board? You don't. So, why not take your own players advice, and f*ck yourself, you no good, immature a/sswipe. You should be ashamed of yourself. You're well into your 40's, and you scarlet lettered a 14 year girl into a corner, and not only exiled her there for the game, but made her cry in public, after she apologized to you and your player for something she didn't even do? Yeah, you can definitely f*ck yourself.
An explosion, we speak before we think; the clocks - our que to live
When Rome's in ruins, we are the lions,  free of the collesiums. In posion places, we are empty venom. We're the beginning of the end.
And if this is the tune of the day let's just say I'm going back to bed
I can't deal with much more and yes, half of it is all your fault.
They say the captain goes down with the ship, so when the world ends will God go down with it?
I feel so alone right now, and I don't even know why...
You want to break down and cry, just yell and scream at the world; let the world know how much you hate it. You want to just go crazy, throw things across the room until your arms are too weak to lift a blanket, and just collapse on the concrete and sob, sob until your throat hurts and your eyes burn, until your nose is a lost cause and your voice has been gone for hours. You just want to push out all that emotion, throw everything out there. Let everyone know exactly what's on your mind, for once just be 100% honest with the world. But you know you can't, so you hold it all in, let that sadness well up. You get dizzy, but you like it because you feel like you're nothing but a thought, like you're not there. Then, for a while, you go blank. You're white, you're empty, you're nothing but a shell. And then the anger. The anger builds up, and if you don't scream, you know eventually the tears will come. You'll lose sleep and friends and not pay attention until you get that anger out, until something turns it around, and you so you sit and pray - pray that something will come and turn it all around.

 la la liar, liar you'll pay for sins
But I guess I'm just so full of hatred mean is all I can be
Two faced bxtch, damn, you really had me fooled, didn't you? He//, every damn one of you did. Bravo, I appluad your effort, great show. 
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