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There will be no 'Oh Cherie' today. I've got alot to do and alot has happened. Sorry.

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Oh Cherie
Kiss or a killer?
Chapter 7 - p1
"Hello?" I said, answering the phone.
It was Nanny from Spain.
"Nan! It's so great to speak to you. How's Spain?" I asked.
"It's amazing, the weather is perfect. What about you?" she said from the other line.
"Great," I laughed. "School's just started."
"We just hear about Jolene," she said.
I stopped for a second. Took a deep breathe but the only thing that managed to squeeze through my lips was "Oh."
"She was such a beautiful young lady," she said and then changed the subject to mum. "Where is she? Can I speak to her? I've got some good news!"
I ran into the living room and passed the phone to Mum who was just finishing off her paper work.
"It's Nana," I said, pursing my lips.
"Oh hello!" Mum burst out.
I made my way into the kitchen to get some breakfast. I was up early today and I was planning to walk it to school with Tina.
I pulled out the oats from the cupboard and poured yoghurt and fruit over the top while waiting for my bread to toast.
My favourite ever breakfast my nana used to make for me as a kid.
"Cherie!" Natasha shouted. "Oh, there you are. Have you seen my phone?"
"No why?" I said. Crumbs splurt everywhere as I bit into my toast.
"Oh, I just left it on charge and it's gone. I'll just ask Robbie but you do remember that tomorrow is yours and Jake's 19th birthday?"
I nodded slurping my squash. "I won't be planning anything."
"Why not?" she frowned.
"Just," I said, wiping resdue from my face and checking myself in the mirror ready to leave.
"Ok," she said and running over to Robbie. I could hear her telling her charger story.
There was a knock at the door.
"Cherie!" mum called. "Can you see who it is while I finish speaking to your Nana?"
"Sure, it must be Tina!" I called back.
I ran over to the door and quickly unlocked it with my keys.
"Are you ready to g-" I began before I realized who it actually was. It was Jason standing there with his books and car keys.
"As a matter of fact, yes," he grinned.
"What are you doing here jerk?" I asked.
"Tina couldn't make it, she went to visit the doctor...I mean Rufus about your health records."
"This early?" I said shocked.
"Yes, it's taking her longer so she called me to keep you company and drop you off...if you want?"
I looked over to his car behind him. It was the one I crashed just before my accident.
"You got it fixed?" I asked, ashamed.
"No big deal, and yeah."
I looked up at him for the first time in ages.
"Come in," I said. "We've got 10 minutes."
He stepped in and took a good look around.
"Cherie!" my mum called. "Who is it?"
"It's Jason."
I smiled.
For the first time.
In ages.
"I miss you," he said.
"Nothing," he blushed.
"Wait...what? You miss me?" I asked.
"Cherie, it's just tha-"
"I miss you too," I quickly said.
It felt so good. So good. To be able to talk to him like we used to. I still liked him and I knew he felt the same way.
"Sorry," I said. "About before..."
"No big deal."
He smiled and held my hand just before kissing my forehead and running his fingers through my hair.
"So we're..." I began.
"Back together?"
I felt like I was on cloud 9.
"Guess what?" Mum shouted over from the living room.
Jason and I ran over to her. She was on the phone to Nan and Grandpa in Spain.
What is it mom?" I asked, glaring at Jason, in a teasingly way.
"Congratulations daddy!" she looked over to Jason. "Jake has just given birth to a baby girl."


"You're a father Jason," I said.
"Really?" Tina gasped. "Congratulations."
"Shut up T!" He shouted. "Woudl you keep it down? I don't accept that child. It's not mine. At least not now."

Remember when witty
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Now it has like, 100 faves on the top quotes
The people on top quotes are all the same
Everybody uses the same format
Everybody steals quote

I've been a member for a while.
Just because I joined last year.
Doesn't mean I was only there since last year...


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It's nice having friends
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A theist it someone that does believe in god.
But if you think about it, An athiest is a-thiest.

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