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Quotes by TheJealousOne

     I want to meet the characters, not the actors."

my quote (c)


What if time didn't exist?
               How would we do things differently? Or keep track of what to do and when?

How the hell
             Do you add a background on your witty profile?
Help please :)


Teachers: Other schools will not tolerate this!
                         other schools: let's kids dress up in gorilla custumes and throw foaming soap at eachother,

I'd just like to make a personal quote to:

                I love your quotes, so much. You're such a cute, sweet girl.
I just read through a few of them and s
eriously, any guy is crazy not to like you.
That's it.
I just wanted to let you know you're fab.


A successful man, is the one who can make more than   
his wife can spend,
a successful woman, is the one
who can find such a man.



When life puts you in difficult situations  
                         don't say 'why me?'
say 'Try me'

This is a test
If you can
read this
All the way
Down to here
I'm just trolling


And if we try once more      
                would you give it to me, all?
I won't believe it

Until I can feel it.
Can you feel it?


    You know the way I can't resist you
                         I said to myself
I'll try
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