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Quotes by TheLookHeGives

When Your Boyfriend Is Your Life, And Everything Else(;
I'm A Girl, But YES i will WORK Like a Man

I'm a Girl But YES i will Play like a Man
I'm a Girl But YES i will Joke around Like a Man

I'm a Girl But YES i will Act Like a Man

I'm a Girl But YES i will Pretend to be as strong as My Boyfriend<3

I'm a girl, and Welcome to My Life, You Don't Like It , Well There's the Door <----------- 
That Moment When...................

When Your Best Friends Know

More About Your Life then You Do <3 

Why Do Friends Ask For Advice If They Aren't Gunna Use It?

Why Do Friends Ask For Your Opinion If They Don't Like It?

My Crush ♥
Say your crushes name six times.
Now close your eye's and make a wish about them.
Decide what's more important, love,or 10 million dollars.
Now make one last wish, the love, or the money.
Re-post this in 60 second's with the subject "My Crush" and you'll get an unexpected talk from your crush...
DON'T screw it up!
We all wish;
That CERTAIN guy would love us back</3


Our Summers Lasted Longer,

 *I'll Start a Series!(:

d;D <------------------ That guy has a Hat!(;

I Kissed my Best Friend... 
I Kinda Sorta, Enjoyed it...
It Felt Like Magic,
Could It be that I am falling for him,
<3 I would hope soo(: