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Tell me you love me,
and I'll be yours forever
TeHello Witty!My name is Brittnay.I'm  17 yeats old& Taken by the most amazing guy ever who happens to be the father of my baby,yes I'm pregnant. 37 weeks along to be exact.I'm really excited,but I'm also nervous.I'm going to write more later. <3

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Hey Witty girls!<3

Just wanted to say I'm 37 weeks along.Sorry that I havn't been on I havebeen busy!I'm sooo excited/nervous!

when i'm confused,or hurt.I turn to my amazing boyfriend. I love you Alec.Thankyou for always being there for me :)


 I need help!
My name is Brittney,I'm 17years old&Pregnant with a baby giirl.
I'm not sure what to name here!Comment ideas!(:♥

Hey witty.
I'm Brittney&I just joined witty.I'm 17 years old&pregnant.My friends all have wittys and they told me I should join.I'm only here for support.So yeah no hate please :).

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