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Hey I need to ask you something and I want you to be totally honest with me. It may be a little awkward between us after this but i have to know how you feel... I've kept it in for a while now but it's time to be straight up and just confront you. I hope this doesn't ruin anything we have, i just need to know and i dont see any other way i could get over this. Just wouldn't seem fair if I dont get an answer. I want you to tell me truthfully, please, no matter how harsh it is i just want your honest opinion.. Would you choose pepsi or coke?

Will You Tell Me Once Again How We're Gonna Be Just Friends?

Just Don't Fall Recklessly, Headlessly
In Love With Me.

I'm not single & I'm not commited.

i'm simply on reserve for the one who deserves.

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All guys should learn from Mario Bros.

No matter where their princess is , they should go after her.
Keep Calm
I've Got That One Thing.

Teacher: What's beautiful? What about body shapes?
Biggest Jock Ever: Every girl is beautiful, fat or skinny, they are beautiful.



 So , I was talking to Cleverbot .. 
Me: Can we fall one more time ? Stop the tape & rewind?
Cleverbot: And if you walk away , I know I'll fade cause there is nobody else.
Me: It's Gotta Be Youuu ! Only Youu !
Cleverbot: That's what makes Harry beautiful

Cleverbot Is A Directioner Too (;


 So , I was talking to Cleverbot .. 
Me: "No!" Jimmy Protest
Cleverbot: Aaaah The Light!!

Cleverbot Is A Directioner Too (;


Maybe one day;

you'll look back at our photos & think; "Why did I lose her?"

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"I'm shappy for  you"

the biggest lie you tell someone you love, that loves someone else.

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