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I'm Ciara and I live my life through the internet.
I love food, music and long hair.
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Quotes by TheNameIsBarbie


Attractive male: Hello :)

Me: Oh dear god..

Me: what do I do

Me: Hey(:




Me: wait no that was wrong


Okay Witty,
I need your help with a debate that me and my bestie can't work out.
Taylor Swift vs. Lana Del Rey

Your help would be much appreciated ♥.

                  Plot Twist: Jimmy didn't protest.

If a vampire bites a zombie,
 does the vampire become a zombie, 
or does the zombie become a vampire?

The 30 second advertisement before a Youtube video
makes me die a little inside.

The mirror can lie


It doesn't show you what's inside


I don't wanna be afraid,
I wanna wake up feeling beautiful today

you burn 720 calories in an 8 hour sleep. And my mom says I get no exercise..


'yolo' whispered the ginger boy as he emerged into the sunlight