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Quotes by TheNameIsBarbie

Being Irish #11
They are not potatoes, they are spuds.

B.o.B: Open up the fridge 'bout 20 times, but you still can't find no food in it, that's foolishness.
Me: You know me so well..

I wish we could add quotes to more than
one category

just me?

Every time I see a quote that says
'This quote does not exist',
theres a mini Lindsey Lohan in my head saying
e   t   d o e s   t   t ! "

Being Irish #11
'Sure for the craic' is a perfectly valid reason to do absolutely anything

Being Irish #10
Being called 'daycent', 'beor', or a 'pure ride' is a huge compliment

Being Irish #9
'Jaysus, you're a horrid eejit' is a perfectly normal thing to say to someone

Being Irish #8
Seeing people collecting the dole (unemployment benefit) in their work uniform

Being Irish #7
In America, its St.Patrick's Day, but in Ireland, its Paddy's Day

Being Irish #6
"F/ck off" can mean "Are you serious?"

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