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Quotes by TheNameIsBarbie

I've been listening to
We Are Young
by Fun, for about an hour now.

Dear One Directions fans,
Don't you think 164349 One Direction stories are enough for Witty, or do you really think its necessary to add another?

Sincerly, Me.

Talking out your earphones to see how loud your music seems to people around you.
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Look for the girl with the
broken smile


Hey, where's Finnick?
Odair he is!

I feel bad for my teddy bear,
because of those nights when I just lie in bed,
squeezing it until my arms ache and
it's fur is soaked with tears.

Summer 2012

Flip-flops, beach, shorts, tank tops,
ice creams, bonfires, sleepovers, parties,
sun, laughing, tan, pool,
bikinis, swimsuits, no school, relax.


Lol jk, I live in Ireland.

The brave may not live forever
but the cautious do not live at all.


-The Princess Diaries

Katniss Everdeen
The Girl On Fire

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