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I'm Ciara and I live my life through the internet.
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TheNameIsBarbie's Favorite Quotes

                  Plot Twist: Jimmy didn't protest.
Do you ever have those days
When you feel like there is a huge bubble of depression
enveloping your whole body and there is no way to get out?
How I explain a conversation:
I was like- then she was like- then I was like- and she was like-


Teacher: Do you have your homework?

Me: *adopts Simon Cowell voice* it's a no from me.


f o r m a t  j i m m y 3 6 5

This quote does not exist.
The ridiculous thing is that I'm actually really smart,
but I manage to be the dumbest person alive.
*Me In Church*
On the outside: *Looking at the priest doing nothing*
On the inside: *Having this amazing story in my head where ninjas break in through the windows, and I have to rescue all the scared people in the church. Then I save the day and everyone loves me.*

who told spiders it was ok to come inside of my house this is not some kind of hotel im running you need to leave

When your best friend is not at school, you're just sitting there like a loser.
I wish we could feed our fat to the starving children in Africa
it would solve obesity in the United States
and starvation in Africa