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Hello there stranger. I absolutely adore Taylor Swift, The Script, Lifehouse, Daughtry, Doctor Who, Elementary, Sherlock, Castle, Firefly, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and so many other things. I hope you like my quotes :)

Quotes by TheNewGirl1

I just bought a night cabinet and now I
don't know where to keep it during the day.

all mine :)

Ipromised you the WoRLD

« So I bought you the globe  «  

lol :) All mine

I hate it when a salesperson asks me if they
can help me and then just stand behind me.
I mean  it is called 'a self-service  shop' not
'follow me while I'm buying'

Today I saw a quote saying

"Say this fast  [ I  1  2  4  Q ]"

And I was thinking: "Whaaat? I want to fork you?!"


format  -> Novacaine


We cry because
our eyes need to clean out what they have seen

It is funny how
When  you  are  in  love, that one guy everyone  thinks  is ugly
is the best looking person on the whole world in your opinion.


It's my life
And it's now or never
I ain't gonna live forever
I just want to live while I'm alive



"I love you."
"Shut up! You're drunk."



I was seeing all kinds of quotes about Rebecca Black and her
song Friday and I wondered why does everyone have a bad
opinion of the song.
And then, today, I actually listened to the song.

Believe me, I wish I have never done that!

not my format
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