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Quotes by Kate*

I'm sorry for my old self lol

You found me! Sometimes you need to dig deep too find beauty in someone.

When  I see your face,

 All i see is the
word Liar written on the forehead.

format by sandrasaurus

Trying to call phone numbers that were mentioned on movies
 to see if anyone picks up.

Format by Sandrasaurus

Me talking to one of my mom's friends when I was 6:

Mom's friend: *Smiles* On what?
Me: On your baby!
Mom's friend: What?
Me: Well, your belly is REALLY big so that means a baby is in there!
Mom's friend: *Laughs sadly*

True Story

I find a spatula in my house, I pretend I'm Spongebob and flip Krabby Patties.


It Has Come To The Point,

that I only have to type a 'w' to bring up Witty Profiles.


Dear Radio Stations,

You know only 5 songs? Wow. Dat is some sad stuff.

Expert to the lyrics of We are Young

The Beatles...

 are my One Direction.

That Awkward Moment ...

when you try to give someone the peace sign, but you forget to put up your index finger.