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So hey guys. I've been on here before. I'm Madison. Hello and such. I like stuff. And things. Imma go sit in a corner and become a pile of bananas now...

Quotes by TheStolen

"Like you're trying to fight gravity
on a planet that insists
that love is like falling
and falling is like this
                                                                                                     ~Ani Difranco


I fell for him in dying summer, my lovely autumn boy
From summer's darkness he is made, my lovely autumn boy
I'd love to spend a week with my lovely autumn boy
But I'm never close enough to my lovely autumn boy

It's raining when he smiles, I'm laughing like a child
It's the best days of our lives; we'll contain it for a while
He holds the leaves, the breeze of autumn in the circle of his hand
I'd be happy with that dying summer if it's all we ever had.

Sometimes I question why I stay up so late.
Its not as if I'm pondering life,
Or seeking the great mysteries to some hidden cult,
Or even practicing a skill.
I don’t stay up playing games,
Or writing amazing stories never told.
I really truly don’t do anything special.
I feel like I should be awake until at least 3am every night,
And if not then it just doesn’t feel okay.
So for this reason I stay up.
Not doing much except passing time.
Looking at photos,
Or sorting random things.
Kindof disappointing I guess.
But maybe it’s just me.
Is it bad if my main threats include
"I'm going to slap you with a hot dog full of razor blades"
"I will eat your first born if you don't shut up"
"I'm going to punch you with a knife"
In the night
Blew a storm
Chasing shadows to the shore
Lightning filled the skies
Thunder roared and cried

Close your eyes
Come along
Dance until the night is gone
Singing the Song of Storms

From the sky
To the ground
Rain is falling all around
Thunder fills the air
All are filled with terror

Flash of light
Brings out fright
All will stay indoors tonight
This is the Song of Storms

There's wind
 deadly wind
 over my head
 I'm watching as trees practically fall over
 Listening to the sirens
 And the lightning

 Let the wind carry you away
 into the oblivion beyond
 Maybe I'll pass you on your way
 cause I'm already gone

 It's calm now
 the shapes in the sky still move with the velocity of the king's sword
 swinging down over his enemies heads and taking over their thrones
 when all we can do is watch as the blood washes down upon him

 I see the fear
the confusion
the absolute terror of the surroundings
 Unknowing of what to do about this new situation
 While I sit here, in the middle of all the torrential destruction
 Wondering if it's that time or not

 But the time
 the time has already passed
 but it also has yet to come
 sooner or later
 what is the difference?

 Time is an essence of life
 It neither dies nor can it continue to live
 whether ours is up means nothing to time itself
 It will continue its terrible rampage as it separates the worlds of all those around you
 It's almost like a terribly "beautiful" song
 where the ending can come as unexpected as the beginning

 This storm
 can be that ending if it so chooses
 but it could also be a beginning
 only time will tell
 but one thing is for sure
 "Time loves secrets"

 the keeper of secrets
 but what is time, but a perception
 our time may not be the same as anything elses
 it moves faster
 or slower
 or not at all

 time time time
 a horrible curse
 an amazing love story
 a tragic "End"
 It leads to all of these "things"
 and taking what remains with it

 the stories of all of those who have been plagued with "Time" are long forgotten
 taken away into the secrets of "Time"
 the worst part, is that those could be our secrets some day
to forever be lost and forgotten over the eons of decimation
 Severing all of our ties to existence itself
 leading into nothing but "End"

 Or does time have an end?
 For when did time start?
when we started to feel it?

 During the big bang?
 or before?

 You answered your own questions
 Time "loves" secrets
 Time is secrets
 As is everything else
 But to give time being, is to give End a being

 Endings do exist
 whether we like them or not
 But of course they exist
 but when does it stop?
 An end to all ends perhaps

 and that
 Is the secret
 Times oldest secret
 one that at this point Time itself even fears
 what could stop time?
 or WHO could stop time?
 Who or What?

 time time time again
 Maybe time itself doesn't even know this secret
 That is why it fears it
 Maybe the who or what knows
 But it will never tell
 Bound to secrecy for eternity

 and that is the truth
or reality
that has escaped the firmaments of life and death themselves
never slowing or stopping for anyone.

Time does not pick favorites
time just is
or is not.
We do not have a choice
time will never allow it

time is too short for us
because time has decided that for us
an unending amount of times and lives
could continue over endless eon
but we would never know about them
parallels apon parallels.

There are worlds of time that we can only wish to transpire
but of course we will never know.

Time is a cruel and treacherous beast
that even itself doesn't know its ends.
 You can say that you don't believe in it
but it will not give you a choice.

Time will never tell
because time doesn't care

 And so the storm begins to pass
 and my mind is free to exist another time

Hidden and unseen
Inside a land of dream
She's only half and half
She doesnt know where she's at
Lost in black
Trys to find her way back
Hidden and unseen
Deep within her dream
A land where she's
Not the one on her knees
Where she stands tall and proud
In front of the crowd
She stays in her mind
To the outside she's blind.
And she wanders and Breathes
The air of her dreams
For the world is too cold
Too heartless and cruel
It asks only for gold
When she's not even a jewel
So she hides in her realm
Where imagination is her helm
And her dreams are her shield
So reality yields
She will continue to cower
With her imaginations of power
And how she succeeds
in the World Of Her Dreams.
It takes a lot of work to keep a fire going forever.
It kindof hurts and it burns and the fuel gets lower again,
because people dont see the ways to make things last longer
without burning their fingers and making things harder
for themselves, and everyone around them too.
Either that or you just dont understand the concept
that even if you want something to last forever
its bound to break down on you.
I mean,
it kindof sucks thinking that youre helpless,
even if your only problem is that sometimes it take two.

I wanna wipe away those tears,
Just kiss your nose
And shed away your fears.
I'd like to comfort your bad dreams,
Just chase away the monsters
And drift soundly back to sleep.
I wish to lay down in your arms,
Just hold me close
And keep me nice and warm.
I yern to kiss your smiling face,
Just close your eyes,
A sweet suprise,
As everything falls into place.


Penny for your thoughts,
maybe even a dime,
I'd offer you a nickel,
But that I could not find.
Your thoughts a precious thing,
That only you would know,
Though dearest if you'd let me,
Away in them I'd go.
We could wander through the mountains.
Or dive into your endless seas,
Either way I'd be with you,
And that'd make me happy.