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Quotes by TheStrongerOne

Love knows no distance.
He can always make me smile
and it's definatly worth the while
he treats me so well
and everyone around can tell
he makes me so happy
and makes the butterflies dance around in my tummy

Your heart is not broken
it is only bent,
so find the one person
that can make it straight again.
I've never had someone be such a gentleman to me,
It was kind of nice;
something I could get used to...
I Can't Stop Smiling,
it was such a good day today
and it's all because of him (:
Going to bed with a smile on my face.
Here's To The Good Times.
///Being sick and having no one to cuddle with has got to be the worst feeling ever...///
I'll Show You How The Game Is Played.
If he can't tell you what you mean to him, then maybe you don't mean anything to him at all...