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In a relationship<3

Comment me, i love new friends;)
13 years in this confusing but beautiful world.
Imperfection. Laughing. Colors. The beach. True love. Quotes. Exercising. Singing. Dancing. Acting. Challenging myself. Simple pleasures. My girl friends. My best guy friend. Rain. Rainbows. Summer. 11:11. Truth. Smiles. Trust. Reading. Nail polish. Football. Changing society's views. Wishing. Dreaming. Daydreaming. Art. Knowing. Guessing. Writing. Passion.
Relationship? It's complicated :d...but comment if you wanna know the story:)

I'm usually good at giving advice, so do you need any? Let me know:)
Don't worry, I may seem shy at first but get to know me and I'm the craziest person you've ever met;D I don't bite, so go on! Hit that follow button and we can be best friends!!:)

I used way too many :)'s there...:)

Quotes by TheSunWillRise

and she will
be loved

10 favorites
• Favorite Color: orange, blue and green
• Favorite Food: pizza and nutella... but not togetherXD
• Favorite Singer: I have a lot
• Favorite Show: the middle
• Favorite Sport: basketballe
• Favorite Season: summer
• Favorite Day Of the Week: friday and saturday
• Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: fudge brownie
• Favorite Time of Day: late at night
9 currents
• Current Mood: anxious 
• Current Taste: peach tea
• Current Clothes: shorts and sports bra XD
• Current Computer: hp
• Current Finger/Toenail Color: chipped blue
• Current Time: 12:15
• Current Surroundings: tv, chair, brother and sister
• Current Annoyance(s): idk
• Current Thought: i'm really bored and boring
8 Firsts
• First Best Friend: Sonja
• First crush this school year: idk
• First word: Mama
• First Pet: dog, goldy:)
• First Piercing: ears
• First Thing You Did Today: woke up, tried to remember my dream
• First Thing You Ate Today: chocolate covered almonds
• First School: i probably shouldnt say it online
7 Lasts
• Last Food Consumption: a sub
• Last Car Ride: yesterday, home from a picnic in a yellow vw bug
• Last Text Message:" I HATE PACKING"
• Last Movie Seen: idk
• Last Item Bought: food probably
• Last CD Played: adele 21
• Last Website You Were On: Witty
6 Have You Evers
• Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: nope
• Have You Ever Broken the Law: Yes, but i didn't get caught XD
• Have You Ever Been Arrested: Nope
• Have You Ever Been on TV: no
•Have Ever Walked Into A Sliding Glass Door: no
• Have You Ever Sat On The Roof: yuppp
5 Places You've Been To
• 1. Austin
• 2.  Charlottesville
• 3. Palmyra
• 4. Va Beach
• 5. Maryland
4 Things
• You're Wearing: Shirt and shorts
• You Did Last Night: took a walk to the playground
• What Can You Hear Right Now: good luck charlie
• You Can't Live Without: my friends
3 People You Can Tell Anything To
• 1. Lydia
• 2. Emma
• 3.My doggggy:D
2 Choices
• 1. black or white: Depends on my mood
• 2. hot or cold: hot
1 Love

•  1. food??XD

who would have guessed

 that you would make it

keep going strong, beautiful<3



 no matter what happens,

 i'll stand by you. 


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nobody said it was easy.
                                                         no one ever said it would be this hard.



I wonderif

there's someone out there that thinks about me as they fall asleep.


If live had a redo button,
would you use it?



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Do you remember
  the last time you cried because of physical pain?

I     d o n ' 't .

Imagine if we could fave a quote more than once.

L. N. S.
{Let. Niall. Sing.}