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Dance. Shopping.Texting.UVA. Tanning. Mascara. Pink.Friends. Forever 21. Hot guys. Summer. One Direction. Niall James Horan<3. Bows. h&m. Coldplay. Nail Polish. Glitter.Blue eyes. Bath&BodyWorks.NewYorkCity. Family. Ugg's. Singing. Swim Team. Reading. Art.Money. Fashion. Yolo. Short Shorts. Beach. Bikini's. Mint Green. Yoga Pants. Straight Hair. Toms.

In a relationship<3

Comment me, i love new friends;)
13 years in this confusing but beautiful world.
Imperfection. Laughing. Colors. The beach. True love. Quotes. Exercising. Singing. Dancing. Acting. Challenging myself. Simple pleasures. My girl friends. My best guy friend. Rain. Rainbows. Summer. 11:11. Truth. Smiles. Trust. Reading. Nail polish. Football. Changing society's views. Wishing. Dreaming. Daydreaming. Art. Knowing. Guessing. Writing. Passion.
Relationship? It's complicated :d...but comment if you wanna know the story:)

I'm usually good at giving advice, so do you need any? Let me know:)
Don't worry, I may seem shy at first but get to know me and I'm the craziest person you've ever met;D I don't bite, so go on! Hit that follow button and we can be best friends!!:)

I used way too many :)'s there...:)

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