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Hey! Whats up?
Hey! I'm Arianna and I'm 15!
Incase you wanted to know I turn 16 on July 25th!

This used to be my friend Emma's account but she didn't want it so she gave it to me.

Ok, so I'm blonde, blue eyes and I look really retarted in my profile picture, but it was the only one I had because I don't like to take pictures of myself.

Follow me! I promise I'll follow back!


Love, Arianna

Quotes by TheThingsYouDo

And to think,
I don't even care anymore.


Just once I want to feel beautiful.
But I'm not.

Does anybody want to talk?

Everything seemed to be going right. Until the nightmare started. Now all I want is this nightmare to end. To go back to when it was about unicorn stickers and fluffy clouds, when their was nothing to nightmare about.

That awkward moment when...
Your about to tell someone how sexy they are when you relize your looking in a mirror.



I hate how alone I feel.

I wonder how

many strangers

have taken a photo

with me in the



Format by Sandrasaurus

Hearing a phone vibrate and hoping it's yours, then getting very sad when it turns out to be your friends.



That weird moment when the 

person infront of you in line turns

around and we both end up 

doing that awkward smile.



That mini heart-attack you get when you drop your phone.