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Hey Guys,
It's the White witch here,

Things in Narnia are getting pretty out of hand, im totally falling in love with Aslan, but they dont seem to care and put this in the movies. Pleas help me,
Sincerally the White witch


Quotes by TheWhiteWitch

I might be a Witch,
You might be an animal,

But togther, were the perfect couple


Guys i really need help,

How do you get the love of your life to notice you?

-Sincerly the White Witch.

Please Help Me!


do you guys think,
You can help  mewith my love life?

with great thanks,

The white witch of Narnia
no, seriously

do you guys think,
That killing Aslan was a good idea,

To get him to fall in love with me?


there are more portals to Narnia then I thought.


i'm secretly in love...                

with Aslan       



I'm just sitting around in Narnia, then all off a sudden, this random little girl finds me. She's trying to talk to me about my love life...