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ey There!! :

I'm Spanish/Aussie and I love music, the keyboard is what I play :)
I love to read! My most favourite author is Kate Morton 
And the novel I love from her is 'The Forgotten Garden' :)
But close behind are other authors such as John Flanagan, Alex Scarrow, John Green
A. C. Gaughen and Heather Brewer

I listen to a lot of Spanish and English music like, rap, rock,
hip hop and a bit of heavy metal.
I don't have a favourite band, but I love
Tobymac, Skillet, Lecrae, Red, Thousand Foot Krutch, Kye Kye, Andy Mineo
Spanish Rappers like, Manny Montes,
Funky, Bengie, Triple Seven, PBC and heaps more :)

If you see any Spanish quotes the
translation will be underneath it :)

Forever and Always will love
Sweet_as_Bro_xx, NinjaahEmi and Dylan_is_Batman 
They are my Best Friends and will always be

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Quotes by The_Bass_and_Drums_xx

Life is short 
So live it

Love is rare 
So grab it

Dreams are real 
So chase it 

Fear is awful 
So face it

Memories are sweet 
So cherish it

~ Unknown 


Life is too Short

to spend time with people who will

Suck the Happiness Out of You

~ Unknown 



~ Unknown 

You can't start the Next Chapter of

Your Life

if you keep Re-Reading the Last One

~ Unknown 

Forget what Hurt you in the Past

But Never Forget what it

Taught you

~ Unknown 

Every day is a new Beginning

Stay away from what might

Have Been and

Look at what Can Be

~ Unknown 

If "Plan A" didn't work,

the alphabet has 25 letters left!

Stay cool

~ Unknown 

Close your Eyes,

Clear your Heart,

Let it G

~ Unknown 

You can make a Difference

if You Try

~ Unknown 

"Sometimes, helping others is a way to help ourselves"

~ Buddha, Snow Buddies