Status: chances are, my display name is going to be based off of a video game. fun fact.
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{[+]} Netflix, Supernatural, Fringe, Haven, Monk, 
Psych,  music, Seether, Sick Puppies, Hollywood
Undead, Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, Three Days
Grace, MCR,The Killers, Flyleaf, Youtube, Sci-fi, math,
internet, post-apocalyptic shows, Revolution, Fantasy, 
xbox, Grey's Anatomy, Fable, Dishonored, Orange Is
The New Black, um.. tbc

{[-]} bats.hit crazy fans, people that suggest Dr. Who to
me daily (I don't f.ucking like Dr. Who, stop telling me to
watch it. it is not the best thing to happen to the sci-fi &
fantasy genre so stop please.), --

will add more +'s and -'s eventually.
(haha I totally haven't added anything since I did this.)

Quotes by Dishonored*

remember to always file your taxes, kids. because if you don't, you'll owe literally everything you were supposed to get back if you wait too long. I'm so livid right now. in 2013 I was supposed to get like $160 back but my mom held on to my w-2 because the "free" website was gonna charge me to file and I didn't have the money, and I ended up forgetting. and now I owe them $116. like it's so messed up.
It is 4am and I have to get up at 5am for work. I have yet to sleep. I am screwed. and I am working with people who didn't seem the friendliest. so, I am kinda scared about that to boot. working 8 hours on no sleep with people that seem mean. heaven help me.
so, today I left the house at 11am expecting to come home with a potential job. instead, I get home at 10pm after being hired on the spot and working an 8 hour shift. I NEED A NAP. I horked down food I usually hate because I didn't eat a single thing all day. I was told I'd work 22 hours a week. I'M GETTINNG ALMOST DOUBLE. I'm tired and full of regret and annoyance at being an adult.
today I ran into my ex-best friend's 
grandma. she kept going on and on
about how we need to work things
out and be friends again. she said
that my ex bestie wanted to, and 
talked about how we used to be 
closer than sisters. to top it off, my
sister kept telling me I need to try
and make up with her. so, I got my
sister to message her and kind of
extend the olive branch. in return,
I get rejected and then it's suddenly
my fault (she was just as bad as me.
I wasn't the only one that was mean.
it takes two.) and her mom apparently
doesn't want me anywhere near her.
like, everyone wants to criticize me
for being mean and all that, but look
what happens when I try to make 
myself vulnerable. like, it's not worth
the hurt. I was fine like two weeks 
ago and now I'm a mess.
guys can be so stupid I swear. I like
yahtzee, it is a fun game. I don't have
people to play with so I got the app.
then, this guy starts talking to me, 
adds me on kik and everything. he
has a girlfriend/fiance/whatever, and
he would flirt with me. hardcore. and
I told him a million times I was not
into him and that I never would be
but he like expected me to be so 
grateful that he was into me that I'd
change my mind. anyway, that was
a turn off but he was persistent to 
win me over. even tho he is not my
type, and has a fiance anyway. plus
he's one of those people that think
they are so profound when they're
just extremely condescending. then,
to top it all off, he starts talking about
his criminal past. domestic abuse and
corruption of a minor (which is basically
statutory r.ape) and like WHY? what sane
person would disclose that to someone
who was in an abusive relationship
(mentally, physically, and s.exually)?
who they were trying to win over?
it honestly just makes me not want to
talk to you at all, sir.

(he called the minor he corrupted a
ho who begged for it. like are you kidding
me? she was 13. he was an adult.)
ladies, if he knows you for one day
and he's already hitting you with the
"I love you", he's probably lying. and
if he adds in "I've never felt this way
about anyone before.." then not only
is he lying, but he probably throws 
that same line to anyone that'll listen.
all in all: proceed with caution.
yes hello, my name is hanna, and i fail at life.
i filled out applications, never got an email so I didn't bother checking the messages on my answering machine (because they were places I applied to before. I always got an email before a call.) and now here I am, over a week late, to a call for a job position. I AM SUCH A... GAAAH. here's to hoping they still are interested in me when I call tomorrow.
idk why, but I am getting hammered with depression and anxiety like it's no body's business these oast few days.
do you think that when snakes are swimming down a stream doin their thang, and it get to a shallow part where there is rocks and stuff before it gets deeper, they're like "wtf? what kind of resistance training bullsh/t is going on here?" like they're just basically floating their way to a new location when suddenly they have to work for it.
I feel so bad for people that have a genuine interest in getting to know me. like, my best friend and I would message all day everyday so after I get comfortable with a person, I can't shut the hell up. I'm so low maintenance at first but I slowly shift into high maintenance because I just need a lot of attention. it's a problem.
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