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This is Tori aka theskyprincess!!!

Age: 13
Birthday: December 8th
Status: Single (but my heart belongs to someone)
Hair:Blonde with natural dirty blonde highlight
Singer: Taylor Swift <3
Animal: Bird cause they can fly away from their problems and poop on people and get away with it
Color: Blue duh :)
Pet peeves: Stuck up, snotty, bratty, b***** that think they're all that

My favorite quotes are: I can be your best friend or your worst nightmare, you decide. Just to warn you I'm pretty good at being both.
Treat people how you wanna be treated
I basically live by those. 
I honestly think everyone should get two chances and if you blow them both your out of luck. Don't expect me to be nice to you if your going to be mean or rude or stuck up or start crap. I'm me and I'm so not changing for anyone.

I think beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.   No one should care how beautiful someone is on the outside if their about as beautiful as horse crap on the inside. Beauty isn't measured by your pant size, bra size, or waist line. Beauty 's measured by how many people would cry if you die or how many people, if asked randomly would say  "She's really nice." or how many people care about you. And from what I've seen the most beautiful girls in the world would be put down on my list right by dog crap.  
Always remember your beautiful!! <3



Quotes by Theskyprincess

Nothing like trying on jeans for school to make you feel fat.

So today Me, my cousin, my best friend, and my mom's friend's daughter
Were bored so we made a music video!!! Check out please????

Cute guys make you look twice
Hot guys make you drool
Players show you not everyone is what they seem
Cool guys add mystery
And guys like him, the sweet, funny, romantic guys make you fall in love with out even realizing it

Wh y  do I a l ways feel like
The person everyone hates or is annoyed by????

Let's play a game
You fav this quote
I'll fav my favorite quote of yours
so everyone has a least 1 notification for Christmas or the holidays.


I can be your best friend or your worst nightmare
you decide.
But just to warn you, I'm very good at both.

Before 2011 ends, I want you too know I love you

and that your my 2012 resolution

A girl can have
1000000 crushes
but at the end of the day

She only loves 1

Best Friends are your.....

Secret keepers
Shoulder to cry on

They're there for you forever!!!!

<3 if this describes your friends

Fav if you <3 someone who's name starts with the letter