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Hello people of witty.

My name is Katie.
 Music is my whole life
 I love cats and  llamas.
I live in a boring town so i spend a lot of time on the Internet.
I love Cartoons~
Adventure Time
south park
And SpongeBob
are my favorites.
Christopher Drew is my lover.
He could get girls pregnant with His voice.
All time low and Paramore are my life.
I've been told i have the mouth of a sailor.
I'm not a bitch, Go figure. 
I love Accents

 [+] New girl
[+]Jenna Marbles
[+]Hayley Williams
[+]The Hunger games
[+] Tattoos 
[+] DIY-ing
[+] Witty
[+] Nail polish 
[-]Justin Bieber
[-]One direction
[-]People who judge other people for being...
[-]People who push their religion on other people.
[-] The word moist 

Music-Breath carolina,You Me At Six,hollywoodundead,nevershoutnever!,paramore,AttackAttack!,my chemical romance,BVB,BOTDF,foster the people,The prettyreckless,Three days grace,pierce the veil,30 seconds to mars,bless the fall,Bring me the horizen,cold play,All time low,green day,fall out boy,hot chelle rae,boys like girls,relient k,falling in reverse,asking alexandria,neon trees,estk,skrillex,linkin park,alesana,Avenged sevenfold,The pixies,Rise against,Skillet,Mayday parade,The band perry,Ellie goulding,Adele,Sleeping with sirens,sum 21.


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Quotes by Thethingsinevertoldyou

I guess there must be something wrong with me when my parents fight over who's fault it is for the way i am.
I'm so sick of people telling me my life is'nt that bad and that other people have it worse,I get that theres a lot of people who have it worse but that dosen't mean my life is great,I'm thankful for the roof over my head and the food on my plate and everything i have,But everyday under that roof theres yelling and fighting my parents hate who their daughter is and i don't blame them,And that food on my plate ohh i can't eat that because fat is bad and if you want people to like you,you better be skinny,And all those things i have mean nothing when theres no one to share them with,so yeah my life isnt as bad as most people but that still dosen't make what happens to me everyday ok.

Today on the news 

 There was a story about these kittens that had rocks thrown at them while being born and only two made it out alive,I couldn't help but cry, I mean these harmless kittens that did nothing to anyone had rocks thrown at them for no reason but for the humor of some sick person,And this isn't the only thing that's happen, A couple months ago two teenage boys drown two kittens in a pitcher of water and held them down with a spoon because they thought it was "funny" and their parents said they think their kids didn't do anything wrong.
REALLY?!?! theres nothing wrong with your child taking another life even if it's not a human it's still sick and wrong.
It saddens me to think that this is what our generation has come to.


same s/hit
different day




You  are  the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success.

 F u /c k i n g  a c t  l i k e  i t .

I  wouldn't get into so much  trouble
 if  only adluts  could understand  sarcasm 


Speak the truth,
even if your voice 

nmf/we heart it 

Me at the store with my mom..

Me: *See's Ryan lochte on cover of magazine* 
Me: Mom look it's the father of your grandchildren 
Mom: *laughs out loud* Ohh honey you were always a dreamer,Haha
Cashier : What's so funny?
Mom: My antisocial daughter thinks Ryan Lochte would date her
Cashier : *looks at me* HAHAHA! 
Ryan Lochte:
Me: -_____________- 


Today i was at the store with my sister

And when she came back from getting milk she told me some teenagers were calling her fat and huge.
I couldn't believe that they said that to her so i asked her to take me to them,
I walked up to them and asked why they were picking on a 7 year old little girl their response was
"it's her fualt maybe you should tell her to stop eating haha"
My response "your what 16 /17 making fun of a 7 year old,who are you anyways to say she's fat? your no one, at least she can lose wieght you can't lose your ugly personality,You know what she's amazing and strong and i know this isn't going to brake her she's got more heart then all of you put together.
As we walked away i told her to flip them off,You should have seen thier faces,
It was priceless.

Sorry for the kinda vent it's just it kills me that people can be this way to another human being let alone a 7 year old.

 Everytime i read our old conversations

I remember how perfect we used to be
But now that's gone 
and i'm left wishing we were still perfect
While you're perfectly happy without me