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Hey guys im Mickey, im 16 and from a small town, and this is my witty profile. You’re welcome to creep around it and im always up for making new friends. Love to hear from you, im always here for you. Thanks for visiting.




Quotes by Thetruthbehindmylies

The Shameless Confessional Of A Teenage Girl

Chapter 1: 


              The back of the ford was loaded with boxes large and small, there was a guitar case in the back as well. The woman in the front of the truck was growing impatient with the group of teenagers standing around. They where all hugging the girl in the black t-shirt and blue jeans, she had her hair in a pony tail and shades over her eyes. The woman in the truck laid on the horn.

              “Addie” she yelled through the open window of the truck “ Addie its time to go”

              "I’m coming Mom” yelled the girl in the black tee. She hugged the red headed girl beside her “I’m going to miss you Ginger” 
              “I’m going to miss you too” Ginger wiped her eyes

              She hugged her again Addison felt something being put in her back pocket “I can’t”  She protest.

              Ginger shook her head and whispered , “ I know she disposed of yours”

              “Thanks,” she paused choosing her words carefully, Her mom laid on the horn again. “tell Carson I said goodbye”

              “I will” she replied, they released and gingers eyes where red, and for one it was from crying. “don’t go changing on me now!”

              “Why would I” they both smiled. Addison walked to the truck and opened the door , she waved to the group one last time most of them where getting in there vehicles as well.

              “If we are going to make it to grandma and Gramps by night we got to get going” said

             “What ever” Her tone changed to it normal I don’t give two ships self.

             “ Don’t use that that tone with me” her mother snapped.

            “ What do you care I'm out of your hair in less than 24 hours” Addison snapped back    

           “ it was either your Grandparents or rehab, it was your choice, and for once your going to stick to it” her mother replied surprisingly calm.



 "Sometimes love isn't fireworks, sometimes love just comes softly."

 - Janette Oke -


The Shameless Confessional Of A Teenage Girl


          The summer was here, school had ended and my test grades where in the toilet. I probably should have gone to summer school but I stubbornly refused. I hated that school, it one place I couldn’t make my self fit in. I was good at that, conforming to the crowed. I didn’t do my self any favors. My parents where sick of me, they said I was a bad influence on my younger siblings. They where right to send me away to my grandparents house. So this is where the second chapter of my life began, in a little farm house that changed me forever.

           So the confessional starts with the promise I couldn’t keep to my best friends , Don’t change. 



Truth is a double ended sword, some days its them getting hurt, other days its you.




"If I could write you a song to make you fall in love
I would already have you up under my arm
I used up all of my tricks, I hope that you like this
But you probably won't, you think you're cooler than me"



Bit your tongue,

Keep your smile,

Never show your true feelings,

Or else they will know you’re a liar.

<3 ttbml


They're all watchin' us now, They think we're falling in love. They'd never believe we're just friends. When you kiss me like this, I think you mean it like that, If you do baby kiss me again.

~Toby Keith~



"A broken wing"

She loved                                           him  like
he was, The                                          last man on
Earth.  Gave him                                     everything  she
ever   had.  He'd             break               her spirit  down.
Then  come  lovin          ' up on her          Give  a little,  then
 take  it  back. She'd             tell him             about  her  dreams,
He'd just shoot 'em             down.        Lord he loved to make
her cry.You're crazy for believin',You'll ever leave the ground.
He said, Only angels know how to fly. And with a broken wing.
She still sings. She keeps an eye on the sky. With a broken
wing.She carries her dreams. Man you ought to see her fly.
One Sunday morning. She didn't go to church,He
wondered why she didn't leave.He went up to the
bedroom,Found a note by the windowWith the curtains
blowin' in the breeze. And with a broken wingShe still sings.
She keeps an eye on the    sky.    With a broken wing, She
carries her dreams.       Man you       ought to see her fly.
With a broken        wing.She carries         her dreams
Man                  you ought to see her                   fly

~Phil Barnhart, Sam Hogin and James House.~


L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore can


~Nate King Cole~

Boy: Where do you see your self in 10 years?
Girl: (right where I see my self now, in love with you) Probably through med school.
Boy: Cool!
Girl: Where do you see your self?
Boy: (with you) Thinking about med school.