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Hello Love; TheyCallMeSunshine, But You Can Call Me Morgan Ann. : )

My Life Consists Of Four Main Components, All Simply Amazing In Their Own Way:

M u s i c.
&Smiling Like An Idiot. : )

Music; AhhhMusicc; When I Dont Know How To Explain Myself I've Turned To Music. I Love The Way Piano Keys Feel Agianst My Fingertips, I Love How I Can Create A Harmony With One Stroke Of Your Strings, Guitar. Yes, I Confide In Piano & Guitar. So, Thankyou, Thankyou For Holding My Hand In A Melody.

MotherrrDearest; I Love Her More Then Life Itself. She's The One Person Who Never Gave Up On Me. Never. So Thankyou, Thankyou For Giving Me All I Want & Need With The Close To No Money Your Earn Every Month, Let Alone Pay The Bills. Thankyou For Having The Courage To Raise Me Alone In This Twisted, Messed Up World We Live In.

Photography; OhhMyOhhMyy. I Cant Describe My Love For My Camera. Myy Dream ? National Geographic Photographer. Lets Travel The World Together Just Me & You,  Just Me & Your Lens. So Thankyou, Thankyou For Letting Me Capture A Memory; A Moment; A Lifetime. 

Smile Like You Own The World. End Of Story.

Anyone Add Me On Facebook; Ide Love To Talk To Someone Interesting. : )

Click Itt. You Know You Wannaaaaaaa. : D


Quotes by TheyCallMeSunshine

In the end, they all judge you anyway . 
So from now on;
Im not going to stress over what my hair looks like,
Im not going to bother puting on my makeup,
Im not going to scare whether he likes me or she hates me,
From now on; im being totally me .

End of story .
Act like a lady, think like a b o s s .
Just Because She Doesn't Look Like A Walking Skeleton, Doesn't Mean She's Fat. 

Get Over Yourself, You Skinny Dike.
Am I The Only One That Is Wishing Pretty Little Liars Was on Right Now ? 
Blow The Candles Out, Looks Like A Solo Tonight. 
She Gives Hot Mess A New Meaningg, Mamiii You Gleamingg.    
I'm Not Asking For You To Fall In Love With Me, Or Hold My Hand In The Hall.

I Just Want You To Know My Name.
&I Love How The Way He Says My Name Makes Me Smile Like And Idiot.