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I covered Misguided Ghosts.

"Vent" got changed to "complain"?
Props to Steve, every teenage girl basically just got lawyered. Go hard in the paint Steve; keep on.
Rose, so blinded by your beauty
You view yourself with impaired sight
The days of rain have left you broken
Each drop another endless fight
Your thorns, the tales of tragic memories
Adorn your ever weakened frame
You hide the life that dwells inside you
Your story will remain unnamed 
Rose, the clouds that came upon you
Are shadowing your only light
You can not grow repressed by darkness
But hopelessly you try and try
The world has taken advantage of you
With nothing in return to give
And now, as rain is pouring on you
It’s dampening your will to live
But Rose, your life has so much meaning
Things that you may never know
Each day I smile when I see you
Even when it doesn’t show
And if one day the storm takes over
 And withered petals fade to grey 
Then rose, I’ll carry you home with me
And eternally we’ll lay

Poem I wrote my boyfriend. I need constructive criticism.

Never make promises when you're happy, 
Never make decisions when you're depressed.

some of the best advice I'll ever give.

n\i have nothing against gay, bi, or lesbian individuals. i just hthough this was c

You sayfam[ily]?
I say [f]a[m]i[l]y.