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Quotes by This_1_boy

Has anyone else noticed that when you "preview your quote" that the favorites are really high.... Just wondering.

Am   I   The Only  One....

That      i s       annoyed      with

the     stupid     adds?


"Oh, hey. Did you cut yourhair?"
"No, i just died the tips of my hair invisable."





For the quotes that say
"I   d  i e    a    l i t t l e     i n s i d e     w h e n "   
If that was true, i would be dead by now.


God created this 
  World <3
I don't see the point of doing
this through your sentence
because it truly adds nothing.
it just looks stupid and also makes
it look like your trying to cut it out,
but it wouldn't make since with out it.
So some advice i wouldn't put it. :)

I dont accept the pact that im going to die,

 I accept the fact that i

am scared. :)

There's a store in the mall,

called Hot Dog.

You know that one Mickey mouse show,
i started singing its theme song. :)

 hot dog, hot dog, hot diddty dog, its a brand new house with Mickey mouse! :)