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it's been fun, witty. but i have bigger and better things to pursue. ~

being on here has been life changing. i'll never forget any of you, ♥
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the bowling ball

goes the wrong way.

Funniest Joke Ever;
Lisa, a 21 year old lady, has just been left again by a man. She is heart broken and crying her yes out. Like many of us, she feels depressed when she's single. She is so sad she put's an ad in the newspaper. It reads: "Hello, my name is Lisa. I have been left so many times & I'm tired of it. I want a man who won't run away, won't hit me, and is great in bed.", then a phone number finished up the ad. She gets many calls and goes on many dates but none of them seem right. Then, one day, Lisa's doorbell rings. *ring* ;). A man in a wheelchair with no legs or arms is waiting for her. She asks, "What are you doing here?!" He replies, "I saw your ad in the paper." She seems confused. "I have no legs to run away, and no arms to abuse you with." He explained. She inquires "So what makes you think you're great in bed?" He answers, with a smurk on his face, " How do you think I rang the doorbell?'' ;)
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Dear Witty,
I'm not sure why,
but calling someone
a fooking botch

just doesn't have the same ring to it.
Everyone ♥

not my format*

                                  on over to maymbe pamby land

[Where maybe]

we could buy some
self confidence for you                
you jack wagon!!
           Tissue ?
*throws tissue across room.*

c r y b a b y !   
***geico commercial♥            

texting someone next to you
The Stuff You Can't Say Aloud 

life's like a piano 
the white keys representing happiness
and the black keys representing
the Sadness \\ in between \\

 but      as         life       goes          on
you'll realize the black keys make music, too

                                                                                                             not my format


when i was her age
i lost my tooth..
not my virginity...