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Quotes by TiffDaPiff

I never really got what "lolzzz" meant. Laugh out loud, zebra zebra zebra?
This girl here is one of a kind!
Do I care what you think? --- HELL NAW!
Just keep that in mind.
To be honest with you, I'm a liar.
Doing drugs... I mean giving hugs.
Hey! What are you doing? Go away! Stop reading this! Why would you want to read this? It's just a messege. I'm not really here! GO AWAY! You know what? I'm just going to stop typing now! So ha!

Sorry, kid, I'm not a toilet. I don't have to take your crap willingly. 
Don't ya wish your away message was hot like mine? Don't ya wish your away message was a freak like mine? Don't ya? Don't ya? 
Watching my toothbrush make out with my teeth!
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