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I'm just a girl trying to make her way in the world. I'm pretty weird, but I'm proud of that. I battle with depression every day, and my poems and quotes express my inner most feelings. I don't think highly of myself, but I'm content with who I am. Im me and that's all I can be. Flaws and all.

Quotes by fallenangel*

I am so happy. The guy that I've wanted to be with since the day I met him finally asked me out!!! I couldn't be anymore happier!! 
Can death come any faster....
Can death come any faster....
I'm in love with the most amazing person in the world! He's so sweet and treats me with respect can't say I've ever had that before. I've never felt this way about a guy before it's an amazing feeling ❤️😍
All I want to do is die...no one would miss me anyway...
Whats the point of trying anymore? X/
i pick up the razor
i position it on my skin
on the inside of my wrist
i a
pply the pressure
nd slowly start moving it across my skin
ain overcomes me but only for a moment
nd as the blood starts to appear
feelings overwhelm me
appiness and relief
hat the pain over you is gone
e pain from everyone is gone
but as the blood pools over
moment goes away
is replaced by the pain
was it really worth it?
o make this cut
to have a scar
as any of it worth it?
damage my body
ow i have to live with these forever
se scars wont go away
neither will the pain
so 2 months ago i moved to alaska to live with my mom. i love it here but im starting to get homesick. i miss my family so much but it was best for me to leave...i love them so much and everyday i cry because i miss them...did i make the wrong choice? i feel as though it was better for me up here...by now im second guessing myself...
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