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Quotes by TimothyJames

Oh so because I'm a guy I shouldn't be on witty?


"You're ugly" Oh sorry. but did you really expect a 'perfect' person to be on witty?


Just to answer the question everyones asking me...
Where did I learn how to respect females?
Well basically, As I grew up I looked upto my mother more than my father, My Father was a horrible person, and my mother always told me not to turn out like my father, and her last words were to me before she died and they were 'Timothy, Please respect the female population, Don't turn out a jerk like your father' I had always looked upto my mothers words and respected them, So since then I went by what my mum actually said to me, And what she used to say to me as I grew up.  And the fact of coming from a female, Made me want to respect them anyway, Because if it wasn't for females, I wouldn't be here today. 


So I'm A Guy,

And I want a girl, who will just lay down with me and
cuddle while watching eachothers favourite movies

why do I even bother making

an effort with you anymore?


I can't handle this long distance
relationship anymore... 

you're coming to my room.




Having someone who will love you, who will make you stop crying with just one hug and someone who will be like a kid to play with you. It’s the best feeling after a fight. After having a silly love fight, one cries and one apologizes. For a few seconds, both of you are okay again. You’re happy again. You can tease each other like kids again. Love and relationship is just like that. You face problems, you might end up breaking each other’s hearts, but what’s important is that, you make efforts to make it last and you don’t allow time and fate to break up what you have cherished and took care off for a long time.

Every guy, and Every girl, Wants to hear someone say 'ILoveYou' and mean it!


I want...
1. Someone who means the world to me
2. Someone that will never leave me
3. Someone i love to kiss in the rain
4. Someone that never leaves my mind even when I'm with her
5. Someone that will come cuddle with me and watch any movie
6. Someone to say I love you to and mean it
7.  Someone I can be completely loyal to
8. Someone who doesn't care what she looks like
9.  Someone I can proudly be with around myself and still act normal
10. Someone I can tell everything and just the truth
11. Someone to introduce to my family not my bed
12. Someone who won't mind me calling in the nights when I miss her
13. Someone who can always make me smile
14. Someone I can just sit on the phone talking to for hours,
15. Someone who won't mind hanging out with me
16. Someone who isn't afraid to be themselves around me
17. Someone I can just go for long walks with
18. Someone that I can love forever
19. Someone who can always make me laugh
20. Someone who will be MINE!

So I'm A Guy,

and I look like Justin Bieber? 
I can't help how my face looks, 
And i'm related to him anyway.
I'd say i'm proud to look like him.