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I'm Maddie, and I've been through it all.
Severe depression and anxiety, Bullying, Domestic abuse, and various health problems and disabilities.
So if you ever need an open ear, or just some advice, I'm ALWAYS here, so don't ever hesitate.
I love to paint, play softball, tumble, model, horseback ride, decorate cupcakes, and so much more.
Some of my favorite music artists are Green Day, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Hunter Hayes, Secondhand Serenade, and Leona Lewis.
Well, i guess that's all.
Thanks for visiting my page.

Quotes by TinkerBell303

My   heart   can't   possibly   break



Whole to start with


Every mother gives birth to a child,
But my mom gave birth to a legend.


I need to stop imagining this

valentines day surprise from you
because the more I think about it
the more disappointed I'll be when it

never happens


GUY FRIEND:                                               Me:

I'm so lonelyyyy. come over

I cant go on chatroulette. thats what i do
ew no. chatroultte is full of penises. smal penises


having the perfect quote and format but witty won't take it because the html is too large so you save it on word and post this instead.

that awkward moment when i get detention because im playing sesame street games instead of typing my report..

Today I finally realized, no, accepted what people think of me. Half the people that I know believe rumors that I was gone for two months from school because i sexted someone and got suspended. While really I was in and out of different hospitals in and out of surgery and in and out of conciousness. After being stabbed as a baby in the abdomen heart area by my dad, I've developed severe syndromes, conditions, and diseases. I have six scars, two across my left breast, one just below my neck, one across my stomach, and two a few inches above my right hip. Anyways, I had a severe heart attack from a massive od clot and a scar tissue tumor on the inside of my stomach. According to the many doctors, I should be dead. But behold here I am hated by my peers and barely able to keep going on my own. But whatever I do, I refuse to admit that I have it bad. Nothing is going to change by complaining. I just have to take matters in my own hands and move on without anyone else's opinion.

Merry Jew-day 
since I can't spell Hanuka

Apple was going to make an iTouch for kids, but decideded not to because an iTouch Kids sounds "too wrong"

My boyfriend is just like my trampoline
I don't have a trampoline.