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Quotes by TinkerTayzbell

How come I help, I help all the time. But when I'm in times of need it's like help is never around. I don't expect a lot in fact I don't need to be helped everyday. it's just when those times arise and nobody steps up and decides to give something. I feel like as if I'm giving everyday but getting less than half in return. I'm always the one reaching out, not because I have too because I want to, I want to make others comfortable happy. It's just those times, the times I need it most is when what Im always giving 100% to everyday of my life, never appears.
Even the the slightest thought of you makes me smile :)
I just can't help it. 
You're not like the others
Whenever I see you look my way,
It makes me like you even more
Everything has changed.
you are something special.
Palms to the sky
We unite
I'm feeling, I'm feeling it, feel-feeling it
We rise tonight.
Im Just So Happy   ü 
I don't know what it is about you,
but there is someting im drawn too,
no matter how hard I tell myself that I don't like you,
or that I don't want to like you,
You walk in the room,
I get butterflies instantly.
you're not just a dream anymore,
you're reality.


It's not like the movies,

But that's how it should be,

When he's the one,

You'll come undone,

And your world will stop spinning,

And it's just the beginning.

-Katy Perry



Tomorrow is way to far away,

and we can't get back yesterday

But we young right now.

We got right now.

So get up right now.

Cause all we got is right now