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Titanic Fanfiction
Starring herown as Belva
Chapter Four: Belva's Point of View
I made my way outside. Next door, three little girls were all playing double dutch. I made eye contact with the tallest one but she quickly drew back and her eyes darted for the ground in front of her before she looked back up at the girl who was the jumper. I took a deep breath and fixed the wrinkles in my dress. Sure the girls looked my age but that didn't mean they wanted to be my friends. I watched them for a little while until the girls foot got caught. "139 jumps for you Bea!" yelled the one closest to me. I couldn't see her face but I could see her long braid that reached far down her back. I took a deep breath and slowly walked over. I flashed my best smile 
"Hey guys! I'm Bel Dawson, I'm staying with Fabrizo for a while so I figured I'd try and make some friends, sure I won't be here long but you seem like nice folks and we can always stay in-"

"Bel? What kinda name is that? I'm Beatrice but all my friends call me Bea..it just fits my personality!" 
"I'm Kathryn" said the girl with the braid "Are you family of Fabrizio's?"
"Obviously not!" exclaimed the tall one who identified herself as Bethany, "I mean look at her"

I bit my lip and took a small step back. 

"Well Beatrice, my name's not really Bel, it's Belva but my brother always calls me Bel so I'm just used to it- kinda like how you're called Bea and Kathryn, no I am not..my brother is on the Titanic sailing to America on maiden voyage, and I'm here with his good lad waiting to take the next boat out!"

All three of their jaws dropped at the same time and their eyes widened. 

"TITANIC!?" squeled Bea "So you must be like really rich?" her whole expression changed, Bea came off as a rude girl who wanted nothing to do with me but now she was making an effort to be nice

"Haha I am sure as hell not rich!" I laughed;

Bea gave the other two girls a look "Can we talk for a moment" she asked I nodded and backed away. All I heard coming from their huddle was laughter. I knew they didn't like me but I had to tru and convince myself they did, just for a week or two, just until Jack could send me home!

I'm finally back everyone! Should I post another chapter?! FAVORIE THIS IF I SHOULD POST MORE but Please leave honest feedback about the first three first

Titanic Fanfiction
Starring herown as Belva
Chapter Three: Belva's Point of View

I sat down on a stump and sighed. I sat for a good hour watching the ships pull in and out before I heard someone yell "Has anyone seen Belva Dawson?!" I quickly turned around and saw Fabrizio running towards me. I waved my arm and stood up "Over here!" Fabrizio came running over and hugged me and said something in Italian. I reminded him I didn't speak Italian and he apologized and said "Ready to go?" I picked up my suitcase, nodded and followed him. We had to walk awhile to get to his house. We walked along the cobblestone for 15 minutes, I counted and then the dirt path for 10. When we got to his house he showed me where I would stay and he said that he had a neighbor around my age. I thanked him and sat down on the bed. He had left to go make dinner. I looked out the window...he had a nice view of the city, much better then what we had. After all, half the time Jack and I hadn't even a roof over our heads. I started unpacking and then stopped myself when I got to a picture of me and my parents. I was real little, probably about three. I missed them dearly but I was going to see them soon. I sat there on the bed for a while thinking when I heard laughter outside. It was the neighbor Fabrizio had told me about. I figured I wouldn't be here long but just incase I should make acquaintances. I was on my way out the door when Fabrizio stopped me to tell me dinner was ready. We sat down and ate a quick and uncomfortable meal. He asked me about what America was like and if I remembered anything, it made me sad to keep thinking about my family but of course he didn't know that. He started talking about his family and to be honest I zoned out, I just nodded and smiled. I finished my meal in record time and asked to be excused. Then I swiftly made my way to the door and went to try to make a new friend.


Titanic Fanfiction
Starring sammie_LuvsYu as the Captain's Daughter
Chapter One: Sammie's Point of View
I took a deep breath. Tomorrow my father and I would be sailing to America on the unsinkable Titanic, the largest ship in the World. I slipped into my silk pajamas and put on a nickelodean to fall asleep to. I don't remember what it was about but it was boring, that's why I fell asleep to it. My dad was going to be the captain of this luxorious ocean liner so I had no fears that I would not be treated with the finest service. "Samantha" my father yelled up to me. I did not answer. He always did this to make sure I didn't stay up to late. After that I drifted off into a deep sleep. The next morning I awoke. I could'nt wait to tell my cousins in America of my adventures in Europe. We arrived early, me in my pristine sapphire hued dress and my father in his crisp captain's uniform. My father greeted passenger with a large smile and I went right to my first class state room. Why should I go neear those third class rats!? I sat in my room and admired it. Then I snuck into my father's room to read the list of who was in what room. Next to me were two woman by the names of Ruth and Rose Dewitt Bukator. Across from me was Mr. Caldon Hockley and next to him was Molly Brown. I fimilerized myself with the names for these were the people I would be dining with each night and noon. I marched back to my room and waited for the ship to load. Then finally the horn blew and I ran out to the promanade deck. I pushed myself towards the railing and waved at everyone. It was like they were all there for me. I closed my eyes and let the sea breeze brush my face. Titanic was ago!

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Titanic Fanfiction
Starring herown as Belva and deep_like_the_ocean as Racheal 

Chapter One: Belva's Point of View

It was about 11:20 at night, April 9th, 1912. I was in the hotel room that my older brother Jack had finally earned enough for us to stay in for one night. We had been in Paris for two years now while he studied art and he had just earned enough for us to stay in a cheap hotel for one night. Times were tough. All of a sudden the hotel door slammed open. I got up and ran to the door "I'M GOING TO AMERICA BELVA!" Jack exclaimed entusiastically. I rubbed my eyes "How?" I asked "On Titanic" he said stuffing a piece of bread in his mouth, I laughed hysterically "Yeah right!" "No really" he waved the two third class tickets in my face. I was in shock, we were finally going back to our simple life in Chippewa Falls, Wisconson and bringing us there was the unsinkable Titanic! I imediately started packing my bag. Jack came over and asked what I was doing "Well, we leave tomorrow morning..." Jack had an expression on his face like he was going to tell me something terrible, then he leaned down "Well, I won them in a poker game. It was me and Racheal against Sphen and his little puppet" My eyes filled with tears "I was a little drunk and I promised I'd bring Racheal since she was my partner" "a LITTLE drunk" I screamed "You were obviously more then a little drunk if you forgot about your own sister!" "Wait, let me finish" Jack said in a calm voice "And the other ticket is for her" I started bawling "You're just gonna leave me here in Paris alone?!" "Absolutely not!" Jack said "It's illegal, I've found someone for you to stay with...you liked Fabrizio, right?" I rolled my eyes, God no, his accent drove me insane. "Have fun in America...wait until mom and dad ask why I'm still in Paris" I stormed off and went to sleep.
The next morning was full of excitement and fanfare. The biggest ship in the world was taking off. I woke up to find a note from Jack saying "remember, make it count" and the place I would meet up with Fabrizio. I got all my belongings, grabbed the paper and ran out the hotel door. I pushed through the huge crowd and finally found Jack. "JACK!!!!!!" I screamed as I ran to him and hugged him tight "Please don't go" "I'm sorry Bel, Fabrizio promised me he'll get you over to Wisconson and he makes good money, it won't be long". I closed my eyes and just hugged him tight. "Gotta go" he yelled then he kissed my forehead and ran with Racheal to the 3rd class entrence.The ship's loud horn blew and Jack hung off the side "SEE YA SOON BEL!" he yelled as the ship sailed off into the distance. I sat there on the dock with hundreds of others until we couldn't see the ship anymore. 

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"I'd rather be his wh*re than your wife!"-Rose
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"What? Do you think a first class girl can't drink?"-Rose
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 "Well, yes, ma'am, I do... I mean, I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. I mean, I love waking up in the morning not knowing what's gonna happen or, who I'm gonna meet, where I'm gonna wind up. Just the other night I was sleeping under a bridge and now here I am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people. I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. You don't know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you... to make each day count."-Jack