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Quotes by ToTaLLyHeArTbRoKeN

mOvInG oN iS sImPlE..iTs WhAt yOuU lEaVe
BeHiNd .. tHaT mAkEs iT sO dIfFiCuLt <33
i JuS WaNa Be iNn yOuR ArMs AgAiN..iLu<3

* lyin beside you is where i would be *
just to be in ur arms thats what i need
i WaNa Be WiTh yOuU AgAiN, i LoVe Uu <3

lovin you isn't really somethin i should
do i shouldn't wanna spend my time withh
you i should try to be strong but babiee
you're the right kind of wrong[ilu] <333
* should ii smile because were friends..
or cry cause that all we'll ever be?</33

FiRsT LoVeS ArE NeVeR ReALLy OvEr<33
TaKe ThiS BrOkEn <3 AnD MaKe it RiGht

* in every girl's life theres a boy she'll
nevr forget nd a summer where it all began
iM ReAdY tO FaLL iN LoVe ToNiGht, iM ReAdY
TO pOuR My HeArT oPeN WiDeE, i > CANT <
PrOmiSe FOREVER, BuT BaBiEe iLL TrY <333

i MiSs HoLdiNG yOu iN My ArMs
*iLL aLwAyS ThiNk Of yOu AnDd
SmiLe AnD Be HaPPy 4 ThE TiMe
i HaD yOu WiTh Me [ iLu ] <33

WhiLe WhEn yOu BeLiEvE<33
iM StiLL iN LuV WiT yOu<3

OnCe U LoVe SoMeOnE ThAT PeRsOn
iS *FOREVER* a PaRT Of yOu <3
i DuN ThiNk i CaN EvEr LoVe aGaiN

You never stop loving someone you
jus learn to live without them</3
U nevr kno wht u hav til its gone

it`s tha way hiis smile briinqs
out hiis eyes `n puts tha stars 2
shame, how cute hiis voice sounds
errytiime he says my name. tha
way he acts soo sweet when he`s *
playin with my hair all i know is
i wouldn`t be so happy if i didnt
have him <3 TrUeLy DeDiCaTeDd <33
He GiVeS Me ThE StReNGhT tO LiVe!