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About Me;
My name is Keely Shea . I was born on November 10, 1997 ; that makes me 14 . I am athiest, I don't care what you think about me . I have a complete family
, mom, dad, brother, and sister .
My sister, Karissa, is currently pregnant, it's going to be a girl, she will be due on March 19, 2012♥
My life is pretty confusing . I could sit here and tell you everything about me, but I won't .
I'm not a virgin . I lost it over Summer of 2011, it was a total mistake .
I am bisexual , and I am proud of it . I support ♥
I am a natural blonde . I have smoked and drank before . I am me, & I'm sorry if you don't like it :) . I'm 5'3" . I have only grown one inch
since summer, haha . I love screamo . I am a fan of music, I could never live without it .
That's it for now ♥ .

Quotes by ToWriteLoveOnHerArms84

Go to sleep and close your eyes and dream of broken butterflies that tore their wings against a thorn,
You know the pain they endured,
Silver metal shine so bright,
Scarlet blood that feels so right,
Dream of that blood trickling down and wake up just before you drown,
The moonligh shining off your tears,
As you bleed your worst fears.
So tonight when you start to cry whisper the cutter's lullaby;
Hushabye babe you're almost dead,
You don't have a pulse and your pillow is red,
Your family hates you,
Your friends let you bleed,
Sleep tight with that knife because it's all that you need,
Rockabye baby broken and scarred,
You didn't know this would be so hard,
So it's time to end the pain you hid so well, and down you'll come baby,
Straight back to hell!

I thought this was really sweet ; This guy told me ,
I would try to catch you, & if I fail then my world is over, & I'd join you. I love you always, & if you don't breathe, I don't either ♥

Is it so wrong to be in love, I don't know ♥

She's adorable as hell ♥
She's got me begging on my knees ♥
Dadadada, I'm so into it ♥


Here we go again,
I'm looking at you while you're looking at me
& I'm thinking of ways that I could make you
smile, make you happy ♥
Don't say goodbye
I'll be your friend,
I'll keep on saving you
over & over again


jayciecutie01's format

Sit back, you're not so different
drop the gun, don't hurt anyone
I know the pain inside,
just look into my eyes
cry it's just you & I
we've gone through everything
& everythings alright ♥


jayciecutie01's format
Confession 4 ;
I cut myself everyday whenever I feel down .