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Hi, I'm Andrea and I'm a freshmen. Located in Minnesota for all 15 years of my life, My birthday is December 23rd. Blonde hair, blue eyes
I'm in 5 sports; Cross Country, Track, Dance, Volleyball, and Softball. I love photography and art. Laying out under a starry sky is my favorite hobby.
  I am Single.But not quite ready to mingle.
See, there is a story behind this broken smile. Most people don't both to ask, but I've been through a lot. I wish I could just forget about it and be happy. It's harder done than sayed.
 friends? I don't really have much close ones. I lost alot of them because of the people I dated. Any advice to you is not to let you're boyfriend make you lose your friends. Cause when he is gone, you will have no one.
 Anyways, I have been harrassed and bullied at my old school so much I cried almost every night. Thankfully, I'm am switcded to a new school. Hopefully things get better.
Have questions? Ask(:
Going to hate on me? Leave.
Goddddd I fucked up.


Quotes by Together4ever

  I'm so bottled up. About to burst. I'm that scared little girl, clutching her teddy bear. Young eyes not so innocent anymore. The innocence stolen away by a crule boy. Tear stricken face, eyes wide in terror, cuts on her arms. What made her go this far?
No one understands, waving her off like a fly. Her problems arn't real, they say, she's not sain in any way. 
They don't see what happen in the darkness in her room. When she is all alone. They don't she the pain she drags behind her, they dullness in her eyes. They don't see the way her head is always down, never meeting eyes of others.
They don't see.

I like him.
 but for the first time in a long time...I don't think he feels the same.


  The tears fall slowly down her face, washing the make up away as she sit as her bed staring at the wall. Reaching for the scissors. Griping it tightly in her small hand, nuckles white. She knows it's wrong. Despite what right she opens up the scissors. glids it smoothly across her fair skin. Repeat, repeat, repeat. It turns red, blood fills the cuts.
Tears are falling faster. She sniffs. She wonders, why me? She wonders what's wrong with her. Why people don't like her. Why do people pierce her heart with sharp, painful words?
Gently, she tucks the weapon back under her pillow. She stares are her arm. Traces her fingers along the scars, and the new cuts. Looking up, she pulls down her sleaves, wipes her face clean of tears, puts a smile on her face, and goes out.
She's strong. The definition of strong.

 How can't you see? How can't ANYONE see? How broken that girl is. Look at her. Don't just look at her body. Look at her face. Look at her eyes. See past the smile, see past that makeup. Look, come on just look. She is broken.
So why exactly? Why do you hate her? What did she do to you to make you treat her like you do? You have no idea what she went through. 
Be nice or leave, 'cause I can't expect you to even begin to understand how she feels.

 It's funny. Funny how the whole world is burning up in flames. Funny how my life is shattered. Shattered into a million tiny pieces. I'm trying to pick up the pieces while life is passing by. I think I have all the pieces picked up untill someone comes along and pushes me back down. Sometimes while I'm laying there, I get kicked. Kicked so hard I begin to cry. All the tears I have been holding in pour out. A non stop flow.
Something else thats funny? when other people try to put their problems on me. I can't take it. I offer help, because I know what it's like to be alone. I can't be by depressed people. And it's even harder to be around happy people. In fact, it's hard to be around anyone. Talking is tiering. Putting that facade of happiness. Afraid to have it falter. Hoping no one will see that sadness driping off of me. But at the same time hoping they do.
It's hilarious. You know, Being alone. Feeling isolated. Feeling like you can't do anything right. Feeling useless, unloved, broken. I don't know what happiness feels like anymore. Occasionaly, there is that moment. That moment when the smile's real. When the laugh is joyful. But for me, the frowns over rule the smiles, and the tears over rule the laughter.
My life is the huge joke. I don't get it. Nobody gets it. They ask, maybe they actually care. But I will always say I'm fine. It's much easier saying that I'm depressed. That I'm broken, alls I want to do is cut, to die. I wish everyday it would just end...It never does. I want to scream. Yell. Shout as loud as I can. Help, just help me. Stay with me. Be there for me. Like me. Accept me. Understand. Just make me feel like someone understands. Fall to the ground in tears. Weep all the sadness out. Maybe, just maybe someone will hear me. Help me.
Instead I sit here. Drowned in my own sorrow. Silent
Want to know what else is funny?                                          
                                                       It's not really funny at all.

I wonder if people see the real me...

Or if they see the fake me...


  It's funny. My life. It's this huge joke, but I don't get it. Nobody does...Nobody understands, niether do I.
In reality, it isn't very funny at all.

y sinking feeling hard

Why you gotta be so mean?


When alls you want to do is cry   

            But put on a fake smile instead, that's real strength.


last night, I cut again.