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Bill Kaulitz, my love.






Tokio Hotel


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Quotes by TokioHotelLuffer4Eva

Jerry Trainor will never be anything other than Crazy Steve to me.
At school:
Girl 1:
I figure skate!
Girl 2: I do gymnastics!
Girl 3: I dance!
Me: I can pat my head and rub my stomach at the same time!
This is for the 20 families who had to answer that phone call.
Mom: You are what you eat...
Me:    Huh, thats weird I don't recall eating a Sexy Beast today.

Plot Twist: You have a top quote
That Moment When. . .
you have a quote comment and it only says 'Follow my Tumblr!'

-.- Seriously?

The HAYLOR breakup

They will be both 'sad' for a while.
Then Taylor  writes 'Wrong Direction'
Harry  writes  'You played me'
They each get  another Million bucks  in their pockets . . .

Swiftys  go  after Directioners,
Directioners  go  after  Swiftys ,

Then the universe will probably explode.

*  #SwiftyandDirectioner4ever.   *
Fool me once,
Shame on you.
Fool me twice,
Shame on me.

LOL, I'm starting to love those fingerhut ads